Ice Machines 101: How to Prevent Ice Machine Downtime

March 3, 2021
Ice Machines 101: How to Prevent Ice Machine Downtime

Ice machines are one of the most critical pieces of equipment for foodservice operations. Although that might come as a surprise to some, ice is used for more than just beverage serving. From production to prep, ice is used in almost every aspect of the food serving process no matter the operation.

Maintaining a vital piece of equipment

You might think that spring and summer - the warmer months of the year - are when ice machines typically require the most maintenance. But service agents know this is not always the case. What can be most damaging to ice machines is not severely warm weather but temperatures that are outside the normal ambient temperature.

Because ice machines become accustomed to operating under specific conditions, maintaining a consistent temperature is what is best for efficient operation. A severe drop in temperature can be just as detrimental to an ice machine's functioning as a severe spike.

So ice machine maintenance is necessary year round to ensure a kitchen's workflow is running smoothly.

Parts for quick ice machine repairs

Keeping ice machine parts in stock equips service technicians to be able to quickly make ice machine repairs, boosting first-time fix rates and increasing customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the parts you should keep stocked for quick ice machine repairs.

  • Float switches
    Float switches communicate the water level, telling the ice machine when to stop freezing the water. If a float switch is working improperly, water levels could overflow or not fill enough and can cause serious issues for foodservice operators.
  • Bin controls
    Bin control sensors function as automatic off switches for ice machines, signaling ice makers when it's time to stop producing ice. If a bin control isn't working properly, the ice will overfill and damage the ice machine, perhaps even causing it to freeze over.
  • Water inlet valves
    When the correct temperature is reached on an ice machine, it signals the water inlet valve to open, allowing water to flow into the ice maker tray. A clogged or broken water inlet valve will cause an ice machine to stop working.
  • Pump motors
    There are many aspects to pump motors that could cause issues for ice machines. Pump motors push water through the tubing through a distribution tube and over the evaporator, so it's important for them to be strong enough to push an even flow of water - but not too strong to overflow the evaporator. Having some extra pump motors on hand will ensure ice machines are functioning at peak performance.
  • Cleaning products
    Last but certainly not least, ice machine cleaning products are a must-have. Ice machines become dirty easily and are often one of the most neglected pieces of equipment in a kitchen. In many instances, a malfunctioning ice machine just needs to be cleaned.

Having these parts on hand doesn't just reduce equipment downtime. It also gives technicians confidence that they can take care of customers' needs by having a fully stocked service vehicle.

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