How Service Techs Play a Role in Restaurant Safety

July 11, 2023
How Service Techs Play a Role in Restaurant Safety

If you've seen what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant, you're aware that a commercial kitchen is a busy and fast-paced environment. With that being said, there are many potential hazards that can lead to decreased restaurant safety.

Service technicians play a significant role in restaurant safety by ensuring equipment is safe, functional, and sanitized. Below, we'll discuss how the day-to-day responsibilities of a service technician keep commercial kitchens safe.

Equipment Safety

Damaged equipment is the most common cause of injuries and fires in commercial kitchens. Service technicians prevent these accidents by inspecting equipment, making timely repairs, and installing safety features.

Here are some specific examples of how damaged equipment can impact restaurant safety:

  • Faulty equipment: When equipment isn't working as it should, it may be unsafe for staff to operate.
  • Damaged wires: Frayed wires can cause an electrical shock or fire, especially in areas with water.
  • Gas pipe leaks: If you don't act fast enough, gas leaks can lead to a dangerous explosion.
  • Grease buildup: Dirty hood filters and grease traps can cause an intense fire that's hard to control.

Food Safety

In addition to the kitchen accidents mentioned above, faulty equipment poses several food safety concerns, the most important being food spoilage and undercooked food. This can lead to threatening food-borne illnesses such as salmonella, E. coli, and staph infection.

Here are some of the ways that service technicians contribute to food safety:

  • Temperature Control: Service technicians ensure that refrigerators, freezers, and cooking equipment are functional.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Service technicians perform routine maintenance to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and preserve food quality.
  • Equipment Recalls: Service technicians stay informed about equipment recalls and help restaurants quickly respond to mitigate any risks.
  • Timely Repairs: Service technicians keep a variety of gaskets and cold side parts on hand to make timely repairs.
  • Emerging Technologies: Service technicians can integrate and maintain emerging technologies that enhance food safety, such as IoT-enabled appliances.

These efforts not only prevent food-borne illnesses, but also contribute to a positive dining experience for customers.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean and sanitized promotes safe conditions for staff and customers alike. While kitchen staff understand general cleaning techniques, service technicians know how to clean commercial kitchen equipment properly.

Service technicians disassemble equipment to clean hard-to-reach areas. Plus, they have specialized cleaning products that sanitize equipment without harming it. When it comes to cleaning, equipment that is often neglected includes kitchen hoods, refrigerator coils, ice machines, and drink dispensers.

Service technicians play an important role in equipment safety, food safety, and sanitization in commercial kitchens. From replacement parts to cleaning supplies, you can get everything you need to keep commercial kitchens safe at AllPoints. Shop now.