The Hidden Dangers of Dirty Hood and Water Filters

September 14, 2023
The Hidden Dangers of Dirty Hood and Water Filters

The summer season is coming to an end, and it's time to start thinking about fall cleaning. Do you know what often gets overlooked? Those sneaky range hood and water filters. These filters keep commercial kitchens clean and safe, so replacing them on time is essential.

Let's take a look at the hidden dangers of dirty filters.

Hood Filters

When you cook, grease and smoke are released into the air. If these particles aren't removed, they can build up on walls, ceilings, and appliances and even contribute to poor air quality. That's where hood filters save the day. A clean hood filter traps these particles and prevents them from recirculating into the air.

But here's the kicker — hood filters also prevent kitchen fires. Grease and oil are essential for cooking, but they're also highly flammable. Hood filters catch the grease and oil before it has a chance to catch fire.

Determining when to clean or replace a hood filter is easy. Give your hood filters a good clean at least once a month. If your filter starts looking a bit worn out with dents or rust spots, it's time to replace it.

Water Filter

From preparing food and beverages to washing dishes, you want your water in tip-top shape. Here's why you should be changing your water filters regularly:

  • Better-tasting water: Filters kick out all those unwanted contaminants, leaving you with crystal-clear water.
  • Prevent equipment damage: When it comes to kitchen equipment, hard water is the enemy.
  • Reduce waterborne illnesses: Water filters keep out harmful bacteria that can make us sick.
  • Improve Efficiency: By removing sediment and other particles, these filters keep your water flowing.

Not sure when to replace a water filter? Keep an eye out for these five warning signs:

  1. Sudden change in taste or odor
  2. Drop in water pressure
  3. Cloudy appearance
  4. Visible sediments
  5. Black mold

The Secret to Replacing Filters On Time

The trick to staying on top of filter replacement? Stock up! Imagine always having the right filter when you need it. No waiting, no fuss, and improved productivity. It's like having a spare tire, but for your kitchen. Just don't forget to store your filters in a cool, dry place.

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