Every Service Tech Needs These Parts and Repair Tools

January 30, 2023
Every Service Tech Needs These Parts and Repair Tools

With a lot of uncertainty in the foodservice industry, it's becoming harder and harder for service techs to stay profitable. Learning how to work efficiently is one way you can thrive without constantly increasing your rates. Here are some essential parts and repair tools that every service tech should keep on hand to boost profitability.

Stock Up on Mavrik Repair Parts

Having commonly-used parts on hand will keep your first-time fix rates high. Your customers will love hearing that there's a quick fix to their problem. Plus, imagine how much time you'll save by getting in and out on the same day.

When you're responding to service calls, start taking note of the parts you need more often than others. Some common repair parts include knobs, hoses, gaskets, switches, valves, and thermostats.

The thought of paying for multiple parts at once may not sound economically feasible; however, you can pay 29% less on average for the same safety, reliability, and efficiency by switching to Mavrik parts. These parts even come with a 180-day warranty and ship the next day.

Keep Common Repair Tools on Hand

Stocking up on commonly-used parts won't be beneficial unless you have the necessary tools to get the job done. According to Florida Technical College, some common tools to keep on hand include pliers, screwdrivers, a tape measure, an electric drill, and a level.

Once you've gathered all the repair tools you could possibly need, set aside some time for organization. Assigning a spot for each tool and keeping everything in its place will boost efficiency.

Download the EquipID Mobile App

There's one more tool that you should be using as a service tech, and that's the EquipID mobile app. The mobile app includes several features to help you work more efficiently.

  • OEM manuals
  • Parts ordering
  • Safety sheets
  • How-to videos
  • Replacement values

The EquipID app even features one-click ordering with AllPoints. Simply tap "find part" in the mobile app, and the order will be sent directly to AllPoints for fulfillment. Part orders can be picked up locally or shipped from one of our distribution centers.

Keeping standard repair tools and parts on hand and using the EquipID mobile app will boost profitability by helping you save money and maximize efficiency. With the most extensive inventory of in-stock replacement parts in the country, AllPoints has everything a service tech could possibly need. Shop now.