Using OEM Equivalent Parts to Increase Profitability

April 21, 2021

After a tough year for the foodservice industry, we're finally starting to see restaurants opening back up and the industry gain more traction. The good news for service agencies is that many operators intend to extend the useful life of their foodservice equipment through repairs and maintenance post-pandemic.

However, with many restaurants temporarily or even permanently closed, service agency demand is still lower than previous years, leaving service agencies looking for ways to increase their profits.

OEM equivalent parts provide a good opportunity for agency savings. OEM equivalent parts have the same function, reliability and safety as their OEM counterparts but are at least 29% less expensive, with an average savings of $12.85 per part. That savings adds up quickly, with a significant profit impact over time. Check out our infographic below for details on how this savings can impact a service agencies.

Using OEM Equivalent Parts to Increase Profitability

AllPoints offers more than 16,000 OEM Equivalent™ parts that undergo rigorous testing and meet strict quality standards, providing service agencies with a parts choice that allows them to save. Browse our selection of OEM Equivalents.