72-1101 - GAS DETECTOR

AllPoints # 72-1101

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Combustible Gas Detector, UEI CD100A
Minimum detection 50 PPm methane.
18" long gooseneck sensor.
"Tip light" sensor illuminates search area.
Sensor provides accurate detection.
Audio and visual tic rate, fully adjustable.
Head phone jack for noisy areas.
Methane (Natural Gas), Jet Fuel, Propane, Butane, Gasoline,
Kerosene, Benzene, Acetylene, Carbon Tetrachloride,
Vinyl Chloride, Methanol, Sulfur Dioxide, Halon, Ethanol,
Methylether, Acetone, Butyl Acetate, Nitro Methane, Amonia,
Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen,Hydrogen Cyanide, Methyl, Ethyl,
Ketone, Alcohol, Methylether Refrigerants.


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